Usual structures have been removed – it’s now a time to plan…

We all know we are living through an unprecedented time – the entire business community is being challenged. Whilst we are all getting used to the new temporary norm, I spent some time this week reflecting on how best to navigate the next number of months. Normally we have many competing priorities – health, family and work to name a few.

I am sure you will agree the last couple of weeks have made it clear to us all, that there is no competition between these priorities – our health and the health of those we love, is the only thing that matters.

That being said, I have asked myself how can I put some structure in my life, in a time where the usual structures have been removed. This is how I plan to approach this…


I will put my family’s and my own health first. This will focus on a number of things:

  1. Following the experts advice on social distancing, hand and respiratory hygiene.
  2. Getting out for exercise with the kids daily.
  3. Focus on mental health including time out from news and social media.


I will use this time to focus on strengthening the bond with my family – something that is often neglected when we are too busy:

  1. Ensuring my children continue to learn and develop at home.
  2. Spend time together around the dinner table, in the garden, playing games!
  3. Checking in (online!) with my extended family – we are all in this together.


Many of us are worried about the weeks to come. Rather than getting caught up in the doom cycle, I am not going to stand still. I will be proactive and focus on what the world will look like post this crisis. I think about my business in this context in 3 ways:

  1. Business as usual: As much as possible, I will continue to deliver for my clients and candidates at the service levels they expect.
  2. Mitigate the downside: As a niche business owner, I will be focus on how I can streamline processes, minimize costs, remove waste and ensure my business is commercially robust.
  3. Prepare for the Bounce: This crisis will end. I will be working with my clients and candidates to ensure we are ready for when the market rebounds and the world returns to a level of normality.

Above all, stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive !

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